Did you know that when you use a walk in clinic…

  • Your family physician does not always receive reports from the Walk in Clinic.
  • Patients using walk in clinics often book with their family physician days later to confirm what was told to them by the walk in clinic physician. Save yourself two appointments and see us first.
  • You are losing important communication between yourself and your family doctor.
  • On call physicians in our office have 24 hour access to your medical records to provide you with continuity of care.
  • As a rostered patient of the Carlisle Medical Centre you have access to extra services; pharmacist, social work, dietician and diabetic care. Patients who seek medical care at a walk in clinic may not be eligible for these extra services.

Patients of the Carlisle Medical Centre have 24 hour access to their own physician or an on call physician for urgent issues. Before you consider going to a walk in clinic we encourage you to call our office for medical assistance 24 hours a day. We will provide you with:

  • Continuity of Care
  • Convenience (24 hour urgent care)
  • Communication
  • Accessibility to extra services (Pharmacist, Social Workers, Diabetes Care, Dietician)

Please call our office for same day and on call services instead of visiting a walk in clinic.

We would like to care for you.

(905) 689-3301