How we book appointments using an “Open Access” model:

In 2016 we introduced a new way of scheduling patient appointments designed to reduce wait times for regular appointments and in the process hopefully improve patient satisfaction! In order to make the best use of our talent you are able to make appointments directly with our clinical nurse, clinical pharmacist, registered dietician, chiropodist and your family doctor.

You are encouraged to call in when you wish to see your doctor, and our goal is to offer you a same day or next day appointment. In order to offer this degree of service we no longer book appointments weeks in advance, except in certain special circumstances. The circumstances in which these “pre-booked” appointments are appropriate are; well baby appointments, periodic health reviews (formerly known as ”physicals”), minor surgical procedures, and for folks who are  ride-dependant (DARTS, Red Cross). In addition, there may be some medical circumstances where your health care provider asks you to pre-book for specific follow-up. We appreciate our patients working with our schedule so of course if you are planning ahead we can advise you of when your doctor will be in the office so you will be offered an appointment when you call.