New Patients

For previously approved patients only: Please fill out the New Patient Form before coming in for your first appointment.

Download the form here


We are not a walk-in clinic, so patients must have an appointment to see a doctor, nurse, dietician, social worker, or other specialist. However, we are always available to talk to you about any urgent problem. Please read this notice before visiting a walk in clinic.

Health Cards

A reminder to always bring your health card to your appointment. When you arrive, a receptionist will ask you to swipe your card through the card reader.

Check the expiration date on your card, and arrange for a new one before it expires.

Click here to be directed to the Ontario Ministry of Health website.

Missed Appointments

Missed appointments take valuable time away from ill people who are waiting to see their doctor. Please provide advance notice for appointment cancellations. Not adhering to the advance notice policy will result in a missed appointment fee of $25.00 for a regular appointment and $50.00 for a physical or half hour appointment.

Test Results

“No news is good news”.

Due to the overwhelming number of test results received each day, we will usually only notify you if your test result is abnormal.   You may phone and enquire about your result if you have a particular concern or book a follow-up appointment with your doctor to discuss your concerns.

Travel Medicine

Going away?

Did you know that travel medicine advice and services for traveling outside of Canada are not covered by OHIP? Whether you see our clinical pharmacist, your own doctor or a travel clinic, you will need to cover the cost of the visit and/or vaccines as we are unable to bill OHIP for anything that is travel related. Remember to give yourself plenty of time before you travel to seek medical advice since some treatments/vaccines take time to work.

Specialist Referral

If your physician initiates a referral to a specialist, please note, the wait times for a specialist appointment vary widely. Once we have confirmation of your appointment, our office will notify you either by telephone or by letter. We will outline the appointment time, date and location and any specific instructions you are required to follow. Please ensure our office has your current demographic information.

If you have not heard from our office within four weeks you may call the office to inquire on the status of your referral.