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Our Clinic

The Carlisle Medical Centre is a family medical facility, located in Carlisle, Ontario.   We are dedicated to maintaining the health of your entire family and structure our medical care facility and programs with this goal in mind, to provide you with the best care possible.  The physicians at the Carlisle Medical Centre have joined together to provide the best possible care for you and your family.  This comprehensive care (ambulatory, preventive, diagnostic and treatment) is available on a timely basis, by appointment 12 hours per day at the office and 24 hour emergency care at either the office, home or hospital.

Your Physician

At your first visit, you will come under the care of a physician of your choice. It is recommended that all members of a family choose the same physician, who will become your family physician.

However, some days your physician may be heavily booked, out on an emergency, visiting a nursing home, attending a medical conference or off on a holiday. On these occasions, if an appointment is urgent and can't wait, you will be seen by one of the other physicians until your own physician can take over your care.

Some of our physicians have special interests in areas such as Obstetrics, Minor Surgery (including newborn circumcision), Geriatrics, or Palliative Care. You may be referred to another physician within the group for such services.

Your medical record is considered private and confidential, and will ordinarily only be entered and viewed by your treating physician and the registered nurse working with your physician.

When your own physician is away, one of our other physicians will be receiving and checking your physician's medical correspondence (letters from specialists and lab tests), and at those times may need to access your medical record as well, in order to ensure that urgent matters are responded to appropriately.